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NIKOL PROKEŠOVÁ - the first lady of the Czech Cabaret Show

Drama actress, singer, presenter, acting and performance lecturer, solo artist, mistress of ceremonies of the most famous Czech cabaret show. The lady who charms you with her endless energy and deep hazel eyes is the one behind the masterpiece of our art scene. Nikol Prokešová, the soul of the Czech Cabaret Show.


Even as a girl, she was enchanted by the glittering world of old Hollywood, black and white films full of beautiful ladies and world musicals. She spent long hours watching Hollywood actresses who captivated her with their grace and sex appeal, especially her icon, the blonde femme fatale Marilyn Monroe. For her, it symbolizes the embodiment of refined femininity and the incredible hard work behind every star. So it is not surprising that Nikol was irresistibly drawn to the world of show business, which she never left. She has countless successful projects behind her, but over time she felt the need to work on something of her own, which she could pamper and which was a reflection of the things she loves. This is where the story of the Czech Cabaret Show begins.

During her career, she traveled around the world to gather inspiration for her own project, which slowly began to take shape in her imagination. In New York, she was enchanted by Broadway and the work of the legendary director Bob Foss, incredible artists completely devoted to art and American spectacular production. She fell in love with both the traditional and the modern circus performed by Cirque du Soleil, and longed to be able to transfer top acrobatic numbers from the circus marquee to the stage. And what could unite all these passions better than the genre of cabaret and variety shows.

So Nikol started working on her heart project. In her vision, she wanted to connect the heyday of golden Hollywood, with its typical opulence, the glitz of the most famous Parisian cabarets, the precision of the American musical scene and the variety and liveliness of the circus. She knew exactly what the audience would appreciate and was determined to create an experience for them that would last a lifetime. She gradually chose the music and templates for individual numbers, created stage visuals, sketches of costumes and props, put together a preliminary script for the entire performance, and all she had to do was find a team to help her with the implementation.

At first, however, no one took her idea seriously. It was "too ambitious", "too large", "unusual for our audience".

The basis of the whole show was supposed to be perfect jazz dance numbers. Choosing a choreographer was really challenging, because Nikol had a very precise idea of the result and its level. So she turned to her sister Felicita. Whether he incorporated their talent, ideas, human understanding or a combination of all during the creation, the result is incredible and Felicita was the only and right choice.

But what would a show be without the performers? Nikol didn't want "just" professional artists, she was looking for truly charismatic beings who can captivate, amuse, or even make the viewer cry. From more than 800 applicants, she selected a team of fifty personalities, from singers, dancers, mimes, actors to leading European acrobats. All these artists are united not only by their love for the theater and the urgent need to always give a perfect performance, but today they are united by friendship, experiences, solidarity and passion for the entire project.

The Czech Cabaret Show, which was first created as a fantasy, was developed into its final form after less than three years of hard work. Nikol tastefully decorated the entire performance with beautiful glowing costumes and feathers, complemented it with elaborate backdrops and props, and designed amazing light and fire effects. She truly connected the seemingly unrelated into one grandiose whole and brought hitherto unconventional elements to the theater. Whether the viewer longs for the bohemian atmosphere of a cabaret, for the seduction and elegance of Hollywood actresses, wants to experience a Broadway musical or fear the fearless numbers of acrobats flying above the heads of the audience, you will find everything in the biggest and funniest show in the Czech Republic. And none of this would have happened if Nikol Prokešová, our first lady of modern cabaret, had not breathed soul into the Czech Cabaret Show phenomenon.

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